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Health Assurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN)’s Radiology Department is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging technologies. General X-Ray services, as well as ultrasound services are provided by qualified staff of Radiologists and Radiology Technologists. Our Staff is trained to take the best possible images using the lowest amount of radiation to reach the proper diagnosis for patients.

Applying filmless radiology at DHAMAN, by using a Picture Archiving Communication System, so images can be archived, retrieved, or transmitted electronically through a web-based server.

Radiology Services

(Head, Spinal Column, Thorax, Pelvis & Extremities)
(Heart, Lung & Mediastinum)
Abdominopelvic Ultrasound
Breast Ultrasound
Brain “Pediatric” Ultrasound
Doppler Ultrasound
Hip Joint “Pediatric” Ultrasound
Obstetric Ultrasound
Soft Tissue Injuries Ultrasound
Thyroid, Para Thyroid Glands and Neck Ultrasound
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