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Internal Medicine

About DHAMAN Hospitals

The Internal Medicine specialty offers comprehensive primary care services in an outpatient setting along with providing complete care to hospitalized patients suffering from a broad range of ailments.

The department is well equipped with the latest technologies to manage acute and chronic health conditions such as diabetes and coronary disease, acute illness like respiratory tract infections, and joint pains.

The Department of Internal medicine doctors focuses on delivering multidisciplinary care to patients of all ages. The team also provides health education and expert counseling to the patients and their attendants in order to facilitate a speedy recovery.


At DHAMAN Hospitals, our team of doctors works in collaboration with the other specialty divisions for a complete evaluation of the patient’s condition and perform complex procedures. Internal medicine doctors are skilled in providing personalized and effective care to all the patients along with follow-up visits to ensure complete recovery. The consultants are supported by qualified resident doctors to provide round-the-clock supportive care to patients.

Patients with autoimmune disorders, genetic disorders, metabolic syndromes, rheumatological diseases, and hematological problems are accurately diagnosed and managed in the department. Also, where multiple super-specialty problems exist in the same patients the physicians have a special role to play in adjusting medication and providing comprehensive care to the patients.

Disease Treated

  • Respiratory failure
  • Bronchitis
  • Complex cardiac care
  • Diabetic Dyslipidemia
  • Myopathy
  • Myelopathy
  • High blood cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Malignant Hypertension
  • Fever, General Malaise
  • Knee Pain, Back Pain
  • Sinusitis
  • Black fungus
  • Complicated UTI

Tests and diagnosis

Investigations & studies performed by the department

  • HEART RHYTHM MONITORING(Holter’s Monitoring)
  • Bone Marrow Studies & Aspiration (Biopsy)
  • CSF Studies
  • CT Guided Procedures
  • Stress Test
  • Ultrasound
  • Immunizations
  • Cancer screening & diagnosis
  • Ultrasound
  • Gastroenterological Endoscopy
  • All type of CT scan
  • Endoscopic Ultrasound
  • Bone Density Scan
  • Stress Test
  • Ultrasound


DHAMAN Pharmacies provide a wide range of prescribed and over-the-shelve medications and drugs. Our skilled pharmacists provide consultations to patients regarding their medicines showing proper ways to take the medicine.


The dental clinic deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dental and oro-facial problems. We have the latest and high-end equipment, to provide state of the art dental care to our esteemed patients. Our aim is to prevent dental disease and save the natural tooth as much as possible. For this we use a minimally invasive and conservative approach. We provide general dental care as well as specialized dental treatment with the help of our team of highly qualified, trained and experienced dentists. We cover all aspects of dentistry.

  1. Oral medicine and radiology – deals with clinical and radiographic examination and prescribing medicines for problems related to teeth, gums, jaws, facial muscles and other adjacent structures.
  2. Preventive and Pediatric dentistry – we provide specialized pediatric dental care for your little ones, with counselling and behavior management. Fillings, extractions, root canal treatment, habit breaking appliances, space maintainers, etc. are done.
  3. Conservative dentistry and endodontics – deals with filling and restoring damaged teeth and root canal treatment. We use the best-in-class tooth-colored fillings to give you the original look and feel.
  4. Periodontology – deals with gum problems like bleeding gums, pain in jaws, bone loss etc..
  5. Oral and maxillofacial surgery – is the surgical specialty of dentistry that deals with diseases in teeth, gums, jaw and overlying structures. Treatment is provided not only for cysts and tumors in orofacial region, fractures of facial bones, infections in maxillofacial region, salivary gland disorders, but also for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, correction of jaw position (orthognathic surgery), cleft lip and palate.
  6. Dental implants – replacing lost teeth by placement and loading of dental implants and following adjunctive procedures like Grafting, Bone augmentation, Sinus lift procedure (direct and indirect), Ridge split, Nerve repositioning
  7. Prosthodontics – deals with replacing lost teeth by removable and fixed prosthesis like removable partial dentures, crown and bridge, Cast partial dentures, flexible denture, BPS dentures
  8. Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics – malaligned teeth are treated by various options like Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual orthodontics, Myofunctional appliances for growth modification, Extraoral appliances
  9. Oral pathology – deals with biopsy and examining the oral pathologic specimen histologically and planning further treatment
  10. Public health and community dentistry – we conduct dental camps creating awareness for community benefit and public welfare.
  11. Geriatric dentistry – specialized dental care for senior citizens, early morning or preferred appointments.
  12. Cosmetic dentistry – smile enhancement (Hollywood Smile), digital smile designing (DSD), laminates, veneers, dental jewelry, etc.

    Keeping in mind your busy schedule, we have an evening OPD to make it convenient for our patients. We are available to see our patients at any time in case of emergency.


The bone and joint care super-specialty aim to provide world-class, evidence-based treatment for various Orthopedic disorders and sports injuries. Orthopedic surgeons provide the highest level of specialized services to our patients to treat the condition from all types of dislocations, bone fracture, cartilage tear, ligament injuries, and tendon tears to chronic joint pain conditions.

Our team of highly skilled and dedicated orthopedic surgeons specialize in the treatment of all types of articular pain due to osteoarthritis, muscle weakness, spinal diseases including spinal disc prolapsed to joint corrective surgeries.


Our Orthopedic Department consists of surgeons with advanced skill sets and abilities that provide the highest quality of care. They can treat various diseases, injuries, and deformities of the musculoskeletal system and the resulting defects, dysfunctions, and disabilities. These include knee and hip joint replacement, surgeries for joints and ligaments, foot, shoulder, hand, and spinal surgery.

The department offers:

  1. Cutting edge diagnostics and operative facilities
  2. Latest MRI machines deliver premium image quality with digital clarity, speed, and expandability.
  3. Advance Bone Mineral Density test
  4. CR systems ensure high-quality digital X-ray images which can be emailed to the consultant on their smartphones
  5. Dedicated operating suites with dedicated laminar flow theatres and computerized navigation and imaging.
  6. Physical Therapy units provide rehabilitation and pain management to provide recovery in the quickest time frame.

Types of Surgeries

  • Sports medicine
  • Polytrauma Treatment
  • Bone Fracture Surgery
  • Frozen Shoulder and Impingement
  • Wrist Surgeries
  • Muscle Weakness and strengthening evaluation and treatment
  • Limb Lengthening Surgery
  • Orthopedic oncology
  • Paediatric Orthopedics
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation Service
  • Degenerative conditions: Treatment for osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
  • Joint Dislocation and Joint Mobilization
  • Arthroscopy Knee
  • Arthroscopy Shoulder
  • Arthroscopy Ankle
  • Regenerative Medicine Therapy
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