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To achieve goals and targets, Quality of Care (QoC) in healthcare services is a strategic key element for Health Assurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN) in terms of model and operations.

Currently, as part of the journey towards overall quality, DHAMAN is getting ready to attain international accreditations, such as:

  • Joint Commission International (JCI) for Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs) and hospitals,
  • ISO for Management
  • Nursing Quality Indicators (NQIs) for Nursing,
  • Planetree for Patient Experience
  • Health Information Management Systems (HiMS) for IT

Why Achieve Accreditation?

  • Fosters a culture of quality patient care and safety,
  • Drive commitment to continuous improvement in patient care whereby improving patient outcomes and mitigating risks,
  • Create a culture that promotes communication, open to learning and respects rights,
  • Provide a safe and efficient work environment,
  • Decrease risks and liability costs,
  • Create distinction among competition,
  • Improve public trust.
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